Thursday, September 21, 2006


Folding while on the move.

A new discovery today.

I can fold/unfold the A-Bike while on the move!
Well, not while I'm actually riding it,
but I found that the bike is so light
and the fold so easy, that I can fold
and unfold the bike while
I'm walking along.

I often ride my bike slowly next to my
wife as she walks along. I do this because
I have a knee injury that prevents me walking
long distances. With the A-Bike I can go places
with my wife when she walks. As we near our
destination, I hop off the bike and fold it while
walking. So she never has to wait for me to fold
or unfold the bike.

The transition from riding outdoors to walking with
a folded bike indoors is totally seamless, no stopping!

Oh. Singular marvel!!

I believed...
Someday, you will make this kind of work. ^_^;
I found the same with mine yesterday, I just keep walking and unfolding/folding. The "small" tasks (quick release/pedals) can be done easily without the bike in the floor. I just have to be careful specially when jumping out of the bike and refolding it because this morning someone in a "normal" bike kept looking at the "ritual" and ended up hitting the sidewalk :)

By the way, I started an A-Bike dedicated section in my blog and added yours to my Blogroll/Links.
I'll be adding more videos soon on my blog:
Any idea how to inflate the tires without removing them? The stem is folded down into the hub. Thanks!
Please advise what happens when the tire goes flat. Can it be repaired or we need to replace the tire. - TQ
Any idea whether a flat tire can be repaired or do we need to replace the tire?
you guys can try asking this company to make you a 6 inch insert so you can then forget about flat permanently
What is the speed on these little guys?

How tipsy are these while riding along; do the smaller tires make it more hazardous?
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