Saturday, March 10, 2007


Folding Society Origami Ride

We caught the train to Long Eaton for the 11am start of the Origami Ride along the
Nutbrook trail. Bikes present were Moultons, Birdys, Airnimals, Bromptons, Dahons, a trike, a Dawes Galaxy and others (sorry I can't recall them all!).

We had the only A-bike, and it was the first one many of the riders had ever seen
in real life, so it attracted alot of interest. The 9 mile trail followed picturesque canal towpaths
which varied from smooth sealed path to dirt sections with a bit of mud thrown in for good measure. The A-bike seemed to handle the dirt and gravel without any problems.

Many people tried the A-Bike during the ride and most found it much better than they had expected. The bike had no trouble keeping up with the gentle pace of the ride.

One interesting observation is that even though I had my custom seatpost and
"standard" racing-bike seat fitted, some people still did not like the seat!
It goes to show that seat choice is a very personal thing.

The Folding Society Origami rides are a great way to meet friendly interesting people
with an interest in bicycles, and small wheel/folding bikes in particular.
I really like the relaxed, welcoming and non-competitive attitude of the group.
It was nice to try out some of the other bikes that were along for the ride.
The ride was superbly organised and led. Another great day out!

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