Monday, September 25, 2006


Fitting rear lights

As we head into winter and the days get shorter, lights are becoming a necessity. After an enquiry from sacadoh on
I decided to look into lighting options.

Front LED battery lights look easy to fit (centre of the handlebars), but fitting a rear light is harder, since any rearward projection would interfere with the folding.

I had a spare rear LED tailight, so I tried to fit it to the A-Bike.

This first photo shows the light attached with the bike unfolded.
No problem here, just like a conventional bike.

However, this rear-facing light does cause a problem when folding the bike. So before folding, twist the light so it faces forwards. The bike can then be folded in the usual way. These plastic brackets allow you to precisely adjust the clamp tightness so the light can easily be twisted, but it should stay in place while riding.

The folded size of the bike is not affected by the light. This particular light has a mounting bracket with quite a long projection. A better bracket would keep the light as close to the seatpost as possible. The tube diamaeter is 25.4mm.

Thanks for your Tips. ^_^;
You might want to take a look at a mini LED light like this one. I have a 6 LED Filzer one from MEC that's surprisingly bright (and the "Knight Rider" mode is nifty), but I don't know if it's available in the UK.

Good to see Sir Clive is still going strong after all these years!
where did you purchase your seat....also wot make is it etc...
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